Leonard Machler



Leonard Machler
PhD, MA | Research Assistant




Leonard Machler recently obtained his PhD in planning from the School of Community & Regional Planning (SCARP) at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Leonard holds a master’s degree in Sustainability from Arizona State University and a honours bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of Waterloo.

His research focuses on housing, residential preferences and household location choices. Additionally, he is interested in land use planning tools to achieve Smart Growth outcomes and transportation planning, in general. Using the results of a household survey of 1,200 Metro Vancouver residents, his dissertation examined whether a mix of different housing types enables households with preferences for walkable communities to live in these kinds of communities. His findings showed that households with preferences for walkable neighbourhoods who lived in areas with a greater mix of housing types were significantly more likely to live in these communities, but this relationship was not significant for renter or senior households. In other words, housing policies that emphasize neighbourhoods with a greater diversity of housing typologies may not help the population groups that they are intended to serve.

[Download: Graduate Research Abstract]

MA (2010) Sustainability – Arizona State University
BSc (2005) Biochemistry – University of Waterloo

Lab Role
Leonard is managing the recruitment process and overseeing data analysis and design of the CHANGE project.

Lab Projects