Broadway Corridor

The Health and Community Design Lab is conducting a literature review of pre-post studies of new transit investments around the world. This work will provide groundwork for conducting a study to evaluate the effects of light rail investment along Vancouver’s Broadway Corridor. The HCDL is collaborating with a number of organizations to catalyze research on the health impacts of a rapid transit extension along this Corridor. The literature review will provide a review of:  the measures developed to evaluate changes in the built environment; the methods used to measure the impacts on human health of changes in the built environment; and, the populations sampled and sampling frames.

Vancouver’s Broadway Corridor stretches from Commercial Drive in the east to UBC in the west, connecting many neighbourhoods and providing access to over 100,000 jobs, 125,000 residents, BC’s largest hospital, and western Canada’s largest university. A growing body of evidence suggests that transportation and land use investments and policies can have broad-reaching implications for population health, access to economic opportunities, and climate change. With 75,000 additional residents expected along the Corridor by 2045, the area faces immense opportunities and challenges.


Literature review completed, with final stages of the project underway as of January 2018.


In progress.

The Health & Community Design Lab is pleased to share project highlights in the Executive Summary below:

Pre Post Rail Executive Summary

Download the Project Fact Sheet below to learn more about this project:

Broadway Corridor Lit Review Fact Sheet