BC Healthy Built Environment Alliance

Dr. Larry Frank is proud to represent the UBC Health and Community Design Lab on the BC Healthy Built Environment Alliance.

Formed in 2008, the Healthy Built Environment Alliance is a voluntary alliance of organizations from a wide variety of  sectors across the province working towards healthier, more livable communities. The Alliance is coordinated and led by the BC Provincial Health Services Authority. Documents related to the BC Healthy Built Environment Alliance can be found here.

According to the Alliance, its purpose is to:

  • Bring together the public health professions and the design professions to better understand the health impacts of the built environment.
  • Ensure this understanding is transmitted to the design professions, the health professions, the development industry, policy makers at all levels of government, and the public who live in the environments created or regulated by the private and public sectors.
  • Support creation of healthier built environments and evaluation of their health, social, environmental and economic impacts.