Dr. Lawrence Frank has co-authored two books pertaining to health and community design, and the public health impacts of sprawl.


Frumkin, H, Frank, LD, Jackson, R. The Public Health Impacts of Sprawl. Island Press – spring 2004.


Frank, LD., Engelke, PE Schmid, TL. Health and Community Design: The Impacts of the Built Environment on Physical Activity, Island Press – Spring 2003.

Book chapters

  • Frank, L.D. “Healthy Communities,” in Independent for Life: Homes and Neighborhoods for an Aging America, ed. Henry Cisneros et al. University of Texas Press – 2013.
  • Frank, L. and A. Bigazzi, “Transportation: Vancouver the City and Vancouver the Region”, invited book chapter in Reclaiming Vancouver: Challenges of Globalization, Social Justice and Sustainability, UBC Press.
  • Frank, L. Ulmer, J. Appleyard, B. Bigazzi, A. “Complete and Healthy Streets.” Urban Design Companion. Editors: Loukaitou-Sideris & Banerjee. Routledge.