The NEWPATH Travel Data Assessment involved the analysis of data that formed part of the Region of Waterloo Active Transportation Plan. Built environment data included transportation systems information across all modes of travel including roadway, transit, and existing pedestrian and cycling investments.  These datasets provided unique evidence that which helped inform the plan development process and the development of tools to help prioritize the types and locations of future investments within the Region.

NEWPATH used state of the art tools for collecting, measuring, and assessing travel, urban form and physical activity of 2400 households in the Region of Waterloo, incorporating off-street pedestrian data along with physical activity and diet measures. The project helped to establish a national model to integrate dietary, transportation, physical activity, built environment, and body weight data in planning and decision-making contexts.

The project has resulted in the publication of findings from the NEWPATH study in the Public Health Nutrition journal in 2016.

NEWPATH is an innovative, transdisciplinary research program focused on evaluating how different urban built environments impact a variety of quality of life factors, including; physical activity, diet, access to food, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. The project’s study area is the Region of Waterloo, a regional municipality located in south-central Ontario.

The Region of Waterloo is engaged in the development of an Active Transportation Plan (ATP) to set policies and priorities for non-motorized investments, in keeping with commitments to reduce GHG emissions and improve air quality. There is a clear connection between transit service levels, non-motorized access and walkable land use patterns.  One recent study showed that people that use transit were 3.42 times more likely to get the amount of physical activity (from walking) recommended by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and the US Surgeon General (Lachapelle and Frank 2008).


2009 – 2018


Complete, with secondary manuscripts in progress.

Download the Project Fact Sheet below to learn more about this project:

NEWPATH Fact Sheet