Intregrating Health Into Transportation Planning in Metro Vancouver

Research Team: Andrea Procyk, Dr. Lawrence Frank, Dr. Josh van Loon, Anastasia Frank, George Poulos, and Sean Bohle

Funding: TransLink

Integrating Health Into Transportation Planning in Metro Vancouver is a report produced by the Health and Community Design Lab to provide background for the development of TransLink’s Regional Transportation Strategy. It provides an overview of research outlining why transportation planning is important to health and examines these relationships in the context of the linkages connecting the built environment, travel behaviour, physical activity, diet, and health outcomes. The report finds clear and strong connections between transportation and land use choices and health outcomes.

The second half of the report provides practical information on how TransLink (and other transportation planning agencies) can incorporate health into transportation planning through: policy development; evaluation; monitoring and reassessment; and public engagement, partnership and collaboration. Three case studies illustrate how health is already being brought into transportation planning elsewhere in Canada, in the United States and in Australia.

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